15 years later...remembering Ross.
By Life Member Christopher Eno
December 26, 2023

15 years ago today, we lost a truly great man.

Not only was he OUR Fire Chief, he was a mentor to all of us as we started our careers, as well as a very dear and valued friend. I personally will never forget the lessons he taught me…as a firefighter, and as a human being. He was a very patient man, but if you screwed up, he would pull you aside and tell you about yourself as well.

He joined White Horse in 1942, and served faithfully until his death in 2008… Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, back to Fire Chief, and then as a Fire Police Officer.

Even though I’m not active at White Horse anymore… as a Life Member, I still often think of the “good old days”… and Ross is often in those memories.

This is a picture I took of him at a housing and building dedication in Wagontown in September of 2007.

Rest in Peace, Ross. We still miss you.

L. Ross Parmer
Fire Chief Emeritus
White Horse Station 4-9


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