New Tanker 49 production progress (updated 2/22/2024)
February 22, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the new Tanker 49 has begun production at Pierce Manufacturing.
We will be updating this as we get new photos from the factory.

February 22, 2024. The tanker is still in the end stages of production. A few pictures sitting outside.

February 9, 2024
The 3000 gallon water tank was installed. Other work has been completed as well.

January 19, 2024
Pictures of the Kenworth chassis with the water tank cradle installed. The water tank and body/compartments staged for installation and after the body/compartments were installed.

December 15, 2023
Pictures of the body/compartments in the electrical installation line and now finished and staged outside. The
pump & housing after they were installed on the Kenworth chassis.

December 8, 2023
The body/compartments were staged after they left the paint building and are now in the electrical installation line. The pump
staged for pressure testing.

December 1, 2023
The body/compartments in the last stage of paint. Pictures of the Kenworth chassis on the production floor.

November 16, 2023
The body/compartments are shown in different stages of the welding process. Pictures of the interior of the Kenworth cab during electrical installation. The 3000-gallon water tank has arrived.

November 10, 2023
The Kenworth chassis is on the production line. The pump & housing has been painted. Pictures of the body/compartments being assembled.

November 4, 2023
Added four pictures of the chassis in staging.

October 27, 2023
The first phase of plumbing on the Hale pump has started.
More of the body/compartments staged for assembly and pictures of the body/compartments being assembled.

October 19, 2023
Plumbing work has started on the 2000 GPM Hale pump. A section of the body/compartments staged for assembly.

August 4, 2023
The Kenworth chassis is in the production building, initial work on the chassis has started.