New Temporary EMS Building
By Firefighter/EMT Christopher Eno
May 2, 2017

If you have driven past the firehouse lately and seen the large shed-type building being constructed in the northeast corner of the parking lot, you may have wondered what it was for.

Due to our recent purchase of our 2017 Ambulance, and the decision to keep the old one, we have ran out of space in the current firehouse.

With future expansion in mind, the opportunity to purchase the house and property directly south of the firehouse presented itself. We purchased the property, but the need for housing the second ambulance from the elements and any temptation of shenanigans to the second truck was still present, until a permanent solution is decided upon.

It was decided to erect a temporary building to fit this need. The two ambulances will be used on a rotating as-needed basis. The 1st due ambulance will be housed in the main firehouse, with the 2nd due ambulance being housed in the newer building.

It is anticipated that the new 2017 ambulance will be placed into service within the next 1-2 months.

Units: Ambulance 49-1, Ambulance 49-2
Under Construction
Under Construction